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Silk are a five-piece R&B vocal group from Atlanta, formed under the mentorship of producer Keith Sweat. They quickly rose to become of the most formidable R&B male groups of the 90′s. Silk topped the charts with “Freak Me” from their 1993 début album, which itself reached the No.1 spot on both the Billboard 200 and the R&B charts.

Silk  are best known for their hit singles, “Happy Days”, “Freak Me” from their debut album, Lose Control. Another hit from Lose Control, “Girl U For Me”, helped the album reach double platinum status.

Throughout the 90′s Silk continued to bring their formula of R&B to the forefront. Later dubbed “baby-making music,”the group released a string of hits including “Meeting In My Bedroom,” “Hooked On You,” “If You (Lovin’ Me),” and “I Can Go Deep” which all made strides on the R&B charts. Staying true to soulful and smooth “baby-making music” Silk was and is one of the few R&B Male Groups who have remained together and consistent over the years influencing today’s top groups.